What is Digital Marketing and The Future of Digital Marketing in India


I am writing this article to tell people about the future of Digital Marketing in India. It is the first question comes in the mind when a person thinks to take “Digital Marketing” as a career option.

People who are going to choose Digital Marketing as their career should know about the future of it and what are the possibilities of growth.

In this article you are going to get the answers of following questions like-

What is Digital Marketing?

What is the future of Digital Marketing in India?

What is the present status of Digital Marketing in India?

What types of jobs available in Digital Marketing?

What are the salaries of different type of Digital Marketing Professionals?

What are the Common Modules of Digital Marketing?


Before writing the article I did proper research and collected the information to serve you.  I would like to start this article by a most common but very important question that so many people have.

That is-

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing of any Product or Service on all possible Digital Mediums by all possible Digital Technologies.

Digital Mediums can be Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Emails.

We can show our Advertisements on all Search Engines (Showing Ads to the people who are searching for products or services on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), Social Media Platforms (Showing your Ads to people who are using Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn),  Mobile Screens (Showing Ads Directly on Mobile Screens as a Pop Up), Websites (Showing Image Ads and Video Ads to people who are visiting other Website), Mobile Apps (Showing Ads on Different types of Mobile Applications), YouTube (Showing Ads  in Between the Videos or Promoting Your own YouTube Channels), and Mailbox (Showing Ads inside the Inbox as Emails or Display Ads).

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, and Digital Marketing all are same.


Digital Marketing is the most convenient and effective way to approach a targeted and segmented audience which is not possible in Traditional Marketing.

In Traditional Marketing we spend a lot and get less but in Digital Marketing we spend less and get more.




Give me the answers of following questions-

Can you track who is coming via Hoardings?

Can you track who is seeing your Pamphlets?

Can you change your Newspaper Ads and Hoardings whenever you want?

Can you fix the people who are going to see your Hoardings, Pamphlets, and TV Ads?

I know your answers. No, you can’t.

But in Digital Marketing all the above mentioned activities are possible.

It is trackable, measurable, flexible and affordable marketing technique through which we can approach our potential customer in any location of the world as per their interest, affinity, intent, age, gender, job title, skills, education, and life events which is not possible in Traditional Marketing.


Future of Digital Marketing in India-


In India Digital Marketing is still in the growing stage and potential is huge. National and Multinational Companies are looking for the eligible candidates and ready to hire them.

Amit Dadhich-future-of-Digital-Marketing-in-India

Here are some statistics helping us know the future of Digital Marketing in India before we move ahead-

  • As per the report of eMarketer, by the year 2021 India would be spending around $2.80 Billion on Digital Advertisements.

Amit-Dadhich-Digital Ad Spending in India

  • As per the research done by EY Research India is going to become the world’s youngest country by the year 2020 with an average age of 29.5. It means that most of the people will be using mobiles and laptops and it will definitely force companies to advertise on all possible digital mediums.
  • As per MGI Report Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing are going to become the most demanding technologies.
  • By year 2020 marketers will be forced to do mobile advertisements because by 2020 there will be around 600 million mobile users in India (currently the number is 400 million).
  • India already ranks among top 10 content consuming countries in the world it clearly speaks about the role of content marketing in India.
  • Mobile ads spending in India is expected to reach around $1.73 billion by the year 2021 which speaks about the huge demand of mobile advertisers in India.


  • Global Digital Giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon are planning their new offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore for Digital Advertisements.
  • Digital India initiative is encouraging several startups in India. Currently there are several job openings available for Digital Marketing Professionals in India. By the year 2020 around 2 million job openings will attract the youth to learn Digital Marketing in India
  • India E-commerce Marketing is supposed to touch $50 billion in 2022 and all e-commerce brands require Digital Marketing Professionals.

Present Status of Digital Marketing in India-

The scope of the Digital Marketing in present is considerable and there are several jobs and job roles available in this field about which I have discussed in this article further.

I have listed down the present status of Digital Marketing in the following points-

  • According to the survey done on jobs availability (Naukri,Timesjobs, Shine,Monster and BABA Jobs and ) in Digital Marketing in year 2018 there are 1.2 million jobs are available currently in Digital Marketing Field.
  • Around 35% of companies are using at least 1 Digital Marketing strategy for their Business including Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing.
  • The growth rate of Digital Advertisement in India is 30% per year according to a report published by IAMAI and IMRB in 2017


Jobs available in Digital Marketing Industry-

Job market of Digital Marketing in India is very huge and the scope is very large. As we already discussed that around 1.2 million jobs are available in Digital Marketing industry in India and Companies are searching for skilled candidates I would like to list down some of the job roles available in Digital Marketing Field.

The average salary offered in Digital Marketing Field is also discussed further.

If you want to join a company which offers full Digital Marketing work to you. As a Digital Marketing person you need to handle SEO, SEM,SMM,Email Marketing and other Digital Marketing Areas. You will get below mentioned jobs at entry level like-

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Digital Marketing Expert

As an SEO your work will be focused on the optimization of WebPages to increase visibility on Search Engines. If you want to work specifically as a Search Engine Optimizer then you are going to get following entry level jobs those are very specific to search engine optimization.

  • SEO Marketing Executive
  • SEO Marketing Analyst
  • SEO Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Marketing Strategist
  • SEO Marketing Expert


Social Media is the platform where we can find almost all customers and this is what makes it the very important part of Digital Marketing.

If you have interest in Social Media Marketing and want know this field better then you must become a Social Media Marketer. If you want to build your future in Social Media Marketing field then at entry level you can get following jobs-

  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Marketing Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Marketing Expert

Email Marketing is a very effective way of Business Generation and Lead Nurturing.  If you want to make your career as an Email Marketer then following jobs are waiting for you at the entry level-

  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Email Marketing Analyst
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Email Marketing Strategist
  • Email Marketing Expert

Search Engine Marketing is the most used Digital Marketing module. You can get faster and focused results using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. To start your career as an SEM professional or Google AdWords professional you need to start with following jobs-

  • Google AdWords Executive
  • Google AdWords Analyst
  • Google AdWords Specialist
  • Google AdWords Strategist
  • Google AdWords Expert
  • SEM Executive
  • SEM Analyst
  • SEM Specialist
  • SEM Strategist
  • SEM Expert

Apart of the above mentioned jobs you may have several different jobs also.

At mid senior level and senior level following jobs are available –

  • Senior Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Assistant Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Senior SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • Assistant SEO Manager
  • Senior SMM Executive
  • SMM Manager
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Assistant SMM Manager
  • Head of the Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Lead


Even if you do not want to do the job you can still earn by working from home. All you need to become a Digital Marketer is Internet Connection and Laptop.

You can become a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, and Freelance Consultant

You can also earn by AdSense, iMob, Domain Flipping, and Lead Generation.

Salary offered in Digital Marketing Industry-


At entry level salary offered to a Digital Marketing Professional is 15k to 40k. If I talk about the average salary of a Digital Marketing Professional in India then it is 50K to 100K per month.

Some of the jobs and their average salaries in Digital Marketing:

Jobs in Digital Marketing in India 2017


Common Modules in Digital Marketing-

SEO – Search Engine Optimization or SEO is making your WebPages more recognizable by any Search Engine. It has 2 parts those are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. It is organic and we do not have to pay to show our results on search engines.

We optimize the WebPages in such a manner that Search Engines like them and recognize them better for any related term so that when users file queries in search engines our WebPages come up. As good as SEO as higher the rank in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages).

SEM – Search Engine Marketing or SEM is another name of paid marketing on search engines. It is all paid and we need to pay whenever our advertisements on search engines or search engine partner websites get clicks, impressions, or views. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are most famous SEM tools. We use Google AdWords to show our ads on Google and Its partner websites while when we have to show our ads on bing or its partner websites we need to use Bing Ads tool.

SMM – Social Media Marketing or SMM is about marketing your products or services on social media. We can also promote our social media posts, pages or accounts to increase the reach and followers.

It majorly includes Facebook and Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, and Twitter Marketing. Commonly we use this marketing module to generate business leads, to generate focused website traffic, to sell products and services,to increase brand awareness, and to increase followers.



Email the best communication medium among the professionals. Email marketing is to be considered as one of the best Digital Marketing Module. The average ROI calculated by Email Marketing is 3700%.

Sending the Emails to your subscribers timely and converting your Website Visitors into potential customers we generally use email marketing. It plays a major role in lead nurturing process and follow ups.

To do the Email Marketing we need to use ESPs (Email Service Providers) like Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendin Blue,Sendgrid,  Constant Contact and many more.


Apart of all these major modules there are some more like affiliate marketing, adsense, imob, sms marketing, content marketing, blogging.


By sharing this article I am telling you the scope of Digital Marketing in India.  I would say this is the best time to choose Digital Marketing as a career. I hope this article will help you in making your decision to choose your career.

To learn Digital Marketing you can always visit my blog. To know how to learn SEO in 2018  and the Best SEO Practices to be followed in 2018 i have written some blog posts you can always have a look.

I have tried to provide all the answers related to Digital Marketing career if you still have some doubts feel free to ask the question in comment box. I would be glad to answer all your questions related to Digital Marketing career.

Thank you for reading this article. Share it if you like it.

Have a nice day.


10 Best SEO Practices to be Followed in 2018

seo best practices featured

So finally you are here to read about the best SEO practices for 2018.

First of all we all should know that SEO has changed a lot since it started and keep on changing.

It is not so easy to rank higher on Google as it was in early ages of SEO.

Good thing is all these changes are happening to give us good and relevant experiences on web.

You won’t find these best SEO practices in any book you purchase from bookstore because algorithms of Search Engines are changing day by day and that is why

I am writing this blog post to give you something advanced apart of the basic SEO trends.


What are the new SEO trends in 2018?

How to rank higher in 2018?

In this blog post i have listed 10 SEO trends you should follow in 2018 in order to achieve good SEO results.

seo best practices featured


Here is the list of 10 SEO trends I will be discussing further in this post –

  • Long Tail Searches and Natural Language (Voice Searches)
  • Keep AI and Machine Learning in Mind
  • Focus on Rising Visual Searches
  • Focus on Mobile Friendliness more
  • Focus and Optimize Featured Snippets
  • Schema Markup
  • Improve User Experience
  • Link Building is still there but in another form
  • Create Long Blog Posts
  • Link Less Mentions

There are some older and unchanged SEO trends coming from 2017 in this year as well and some of them are new.

Link Less Mentions and Voice Searches used for Digital Assistance are something very interesting which will blow your mind if you are really interested to learn about them.


1.) Long Tail Searches and Natural Language (Voice Searches)


Because 20% search queries are Voice Searches already, we need to focus on how people are searching on Search Engines.

Our SEO efforts should reflect in 2018 that we are producing Voice Search friendly content.

SEO best practices - Voice search and digital assistants

Keeping user intent in our mind we should always use questions and answers in our content because Voice Searches are generally in the form of questions.

When we talk about optimizing the content according to Voice Searches we need to focus on Natural Language and Long Tail Keywords that match when user file a query via Voice Search Software.

For quick and relevant answers people are using Voice Searches currently in their mobile devices.

As it is becoming the need of the time we need to write the content by keeping user’s search intent in our mind.

With the time Digital Assistance will improve and more people will be using Voice Searches in their mobile devices.

As this Digital Assistance is growing continuously it is supposed to go beyond Smartphone Devices and that is why we should understand the advantages of using Long Tail Keywords and User Friendly Language in our content with questions and answers so that our content is findable when a user is filing any Voice Search.


2.) Keep Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in Mind


Nowadays search engines are more focused on their Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based algorithms. It is changing the way Search Engines work and show results.

SEO best practices - Amit Dadhich

It is very important for us to understand how it works and understands our content.

To show more personalized results and most relevant results to their users Search Engines are working on AI and ML continuously and so it requires an advanced SEO strategy which works well when Search Engines show results.

Google’s “RankBrain” is one of the examples of artificial intelligence based algorithm.

There is no Artificial Intelligence Optimization Technique available now for our websites but expected to come soon.

If you want to optimize your content for AI and ML algorithm like RankBrain you need to do following practices –

  • Write a natural content, don’t write like machine
  • Use a natural language in content and ask people if your content seems to be natural to them

RankBrain tries to identify new search queries and finds out the connection between different topics and results.

So it finds out the pattern and intent behind user’s different search queries and teaches itself new ways to serve relevant results like a human.

If user doesn’t find accurate results at the first time then next time RankBrain will display another result to satisfy user’s search query. (source – Niksto.com)

It means as long as you are writing a natural content like how a human does a conversation, it is fine.

3.) Focus on rising Visual Searches

Visual searches are very new in the industry and complex as well. Bing started its Visual Search algorithm and then Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and many search engines are using it now.

seo best practices - visual-content

A clear example is Facebook which automatically recognizes Faces of individuals.

It is more than an image search  and it requires more sophisticated algorithm. It directly converts image as a “search query” rather than text.

It clearly shows that internet is becoming more visually focused and we need to use this great opportunity to create content for future.

We need to create a content which has the optimized content for Visual Searches now.

All brands need to go beyond text and focus on their high quality and rich visuals more for better SEO.



4.) Focus on Mobile friendliness more


Recent study says that more than 57% of the web traffic is coming from mobile devices.

And you should care about this because keywords rank differently in Mobile Devices and Desktops.

seo best practices google-mobile-friendly-label-in-search-results

In order to be first on mobile pages we should optimize our content and website for mobile because this is going to be the trend this year.

Mobile devices are generating more page views and if your page is not mobile friendly then bounce rate increases 5 times than average.

We need to focus on Google’s Mobile-First Index now. Earlier Google was considering Desktop Index as a primary factor but now Google has started indexing Mobile Sites first.

Google’s Mobile-First Index primarily considers the Mobile Version of the Website now and Desktop Version is secondary now.

Here is what you need to do –

  • Make sure you have a Responsive Website
  • Keep Dynamic and Mobile Friendly content on Website
  • Use different URL for Mobile Site
  • Verify your Mobile Site URL in Google Search Console
  • Use canonical links for Desktops and Mobiles both
  • Make sure that structured data is available for Mobile Site also
  • Make sure that your Website’s Mobile Version is accessible by Google Bots and use Robots.txt testing tool to verify that


5.) Focus and Optimize Featured Snippets


It is about position ‘0’.  To secure this position zero on Google we need to know how featured snippets work and what are they.

seo best practices - featured snippet

To gain Featured Snippet in search results you need to perform some special activities because Google considers several factors to give you position zero or a Featured Snippet.

Featured Snippets are there to provide you answers of some common questions in form of list. We can say that it is related to Voice Assistance.

Featured Snippets will be used by Voice Assistance generally as people are more likely to ask questions in Voice Searches.

We need to learn about the standards to be followed in order to gain Featured Snippets for our website.

Here are some factors listed –

  • Provide answers of simple questions in your Website in form of table or bullet points. Specially what and how questions.
  • Provide additional information like images, videos, graphs and charts

6.) Use Schema Markup

It is kind of Micro Data we add to a Web Page and it creates Rich Snippets, which appear in search results.

It was founded at schema.org and has been considered since 2011 by all search engines as an SEO signal.

seo best practices schema markup

When we add Micro Data to our Web Page they appear more effectively on SERPs and as the result we get higher Click Through Rates (CTRs).

We use Schema Markup for events, recipes, reviews, videos, businesses, products, and people.

It has become important to add Schema Markup so our Web Pages can stand out of the general search results to achieve higher attention and Click Through Rates.

Search Engines are changing their algorithm to provide more relevant information and in order to do so they like the structured search results where Schema Markup is used in HTML.

7.) Improve user experience


Search Engines take user experience as a strong SEO signal now.

Our pages should have more engaging content because Search Engines take this factor very seriously in ranking.

seo best practices user experience

More engaging content is the signal of a useful content and thus Search Engines are taking it in consideration while ranking your web pages.

This is the list of few things we need to do in order to improve the user experience on our website-

  • Monitor the loading speed. Users are less likely to stay on our Website if the loading time is more than 3 seconds.
  • Have a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design for the Website.
  • Write Headings and Subheading properly so that user can understand your content better
  • Make your site secure. Users and Search Engines both favor Secure Websites. Have a basic site security SSL and convert “http” into “https” Search             Engines don’t like your Website when it is not secure and so users are also not ready to visit those sites.
  • Use more images and videos but optimize the size.

8.) Link Building is still there but in another form

Getting good quality backlinks from good authority Websites is always a best practice in SEO. But the way Search Engines are thinking now is totally changed from what they used to think earlier.

seo best practices -link-building

Add links to the pages those are adding values to your Website or increasing its authority.

The successful strategy of SEO in 2018 will be building relationships and developing connections using links.

Guest blogging and including them into website without harming the reputation of your brand will be a challenge in 2018.

Google has already released a warning for those who use too many guest postings in order to develop links.

Google will keep an eye on the websites those are having too many links from guest posts now in order to control spammy and suspicious links.

It means we should have diversified links, should not over optimized anchor texts in guest posts, always consider link relevancy, use natural looking complete backlink profile and shouldn’t focus on single link that can give you powerful results.

9.) Create Long Blog Posts

Lengthy blog posts are always ranking higher on Google.

Because of these reasons-

  • Google’s algorithm can understand your post intentions better
  • Naturally you will be using keywords in headings and texts
  • With more links and more pictures you can make your post more relevant
  • You can rank for multiple long tail keywords and topics

Statistics say that the best length for your blog post is 2250 to 2500 words .Blog posts those are having word count around 2400 are getting more organic traffic in general.

seo best practices - word count in search traffic

The longer the blog post is the more the chances are to rank higher for long tail keywords because web users are becoming smarter day by day and they need specific answers of specific questions.

If we talk about social shares, blog posts with more than 2500 words are likely to get most social shares.

There is one more reason to create longer blog posts is to stand out from the other contents which under 1000 words on web in present.

It means longer blog posts have more information and knowledge and this is what Google wants.


10.) Link less Mentions

seo best practices link less mentionsIt includes mentioning your brand or business in any forums, news story, blog comment, social network, review, or video description without any link.

We should always remember that search engines are smart enough now to identify if a person is trying to spam with links or without links.

Search engines are able to identify that where our brand is mentioned and in which context or sentiment so that they can include it in their search results.

Their algorithms are getting smarter and smarter everyday and they are considering link less mentions to identify your brand’s connection with topics and keywords.

Conclusion –

Traditional SEO still works and it will work. But when I talk about best practices in 2018 these are the trends we should follow in order to get more traffic and rank higher on SERPs.

There are so many new updates search engines are coming up with everyday. We need to follow the latest SEO trends always. If you follow above mentioned best SEO practices in 2018 you will definitely going to get higher rankings and increased traffic.

Thanks for reading the post

Cheers 🙂


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur with Classroom Training


Digital Marketing is the among the most popular career options in present. All companies are hiring Digital Marketing Professionals and the demand is really very high for skilled Employees. Digital Marketing is the growing field and so it will create a lot of career opportunities by 2020 in India.

Though this subject is available in some colleges already but they are not teaching their students well. It means nobody is learning Digital Marketing in colleges. That is the reason people join Digital Marketing Course outside the College to learn it properly. In past few year so many institutions got opened who provide Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur and i have chosen best out of them here.

When it comes to careers it is among highest paying and interesting jobs in India so we need to search for Digital Marketing Courses and learn Digital Marketing to get better career opportunities.


For entrepreneurs if they want to get more clients and if they want to boost their sales, learning Digital Marketing is the best option. Digital Marketing skills are required for entrepreneurs not only because they will work but also because they can monitor their Digital Marketing team according to company’s Goals.

Small business owners can help their own business to grow online after knowing Digital Marketing Skills as we already know that there is a huge market online in all the fields.

Let me tell you some parameters of a good quality Digital Marketing Course-

  • Trainers should have the proper information of Digital Marketing and practical knowledge in the field
  • Trainers should have good communication skills so that they can transfer the knowledge properly by clear communication
  • A good learning environment
  • Timely tests and assignments
  • Case studies and real time examples to understand the subject better
  • Hands on experience on commonly used Digital Marketing Tools provided by training institute
  • Working on live projects (If it is possible)

There are several Digital Marketing Institutions and Academies available in Jaipur offering Digital Marketing Course.  I am listing down top 5 Digital Marketing Training Institutes providing Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur on behalf of my research and understanding. This list is just to guide Digital Marketing Aspirants and I am not promoting any Digital Marketing Institute here.People are free to do research before they join any Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur.

In this list you are going to know about

  • Best Digital Marketing Courses available in Jaipur
  • Their Specialties and Fees
  • What they offer in Digital Marketing Course
  • What is their Address and Contact Details


1.) Quibus Trainings – 


Quibus offers 12 weeks Digital Marketing Training Program. So far Quibus team has trained 500 people in Digital Marketing field.

The training environment is also very good in this institution which gives you flexible facility to learn and this is why people end their search here of getting Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

It claims to teach you 24 Digital Marketing modules including SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMO),

Paid Marketing Methods, Google Analytics, Webmasters,  Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Google Adwords (PPC), Blogging, etc.


Courses Available –

  • SEO Trainings
  • SEM Trainings
  • SMO Trainings

Address – 

House No. 46, Muktanand Nagar,

Gopalpura Bypass Road, Near Triveni Flyover, Muktanand Nagar,

Gopal Pura Mode, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018, India

Contact –

+91 8502-002-002

Fees – 

Rs. 25000

Student Ratings –

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by students

2.) Edusolutions Institute of Internet Marketing (EIIM) –



EIIM is one the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur providing almost all kind of Digital Marketing Training to its students. A good part of its training program is it offers Soft Skills training also along with Digital Marketing Training.Its Digital Marketing Program includes Website Development, Your Own Website, Live Projects, Job Assistance, Digital Marketing, Soft Skills Training, Several Certifications, and Free Software.


Courses Available –

  • EBSP – E-Business Start-Up Program
  • CIMP – Certified Internet Marketing Professional

Address –

EIIM, 602, 6th Floor, Balaji Tower,

Near Radisson Blu, Durgapura,

Tonk Road, Jaipur-302018

Contact –

0141- 272 1652

Fees – 

For EBSP – Rs. 27,000,and for CIMP – Rs. 20,000

Student Ratings –

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by students

3.) Tecida –


Tecida is the Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur focused on providing Digital Marketing Courses to Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals.

As part of the Digital Marketing Training it provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Blogging, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, YouTube Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

Tacida team says that it is the best team of Digital Marketing Trainers because it

  1. Provides personal touch without any fee after the course completion
  2. Provides various online tutorial courses for a lifetime without any extra fee
  3. Provides practical work on the project during classes
  4. Helps you to sort out difficulties in your project after the course completion
  5. Provides better response rate

Courses Available –

  • Full Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

Address –

C-461-  F-102 Sidharth Nagar,

Malviya Nagar,Jaipur

Contact –

+91 9890620265

Fees –

Rs. 25000

Student Ratings –

Rated 5 out of 5 by students

4.) Digilearnings –

Digi Learnings is providing Digital Marketing programs to Freshers, Professionals, and Business Owners. It provides 33 advanced Digital Marketing modules to its students and gives 100% placement assistance to its students.It gives you a certification from Govt. of India as mentioned on its website.


Courses Available –

  • Digital Marketing Executive Training Program
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Address –

Building No. S-5, First Floor, Shree Gopal Nagar,
Arjun Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass,

Jaipur – 302018, Rajasthan

Contact –

+91 9001999320

Fees – 

Rs. 25000

Student Ratings – 

Rated 5 out of 5 by students

5.) Digital Marketing Institute(DMI) –


This is one of the most popular Digital Marketing Institutes in Jaipur and its training program is divided into 90 sessions. Though it provides full Digital Marketing Training this institute is more focused on SEO Training and can be more beneficial if you want to learn advanced SEO.

Courses Available –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Google Analytics

Address –

Rishabh Apt, 14-15, Gandhi Path,
Vaishali Nagar,Jaipur. Rajasthan

Contact –

+91 963 642 8954

Fees –

Rs. 25000

Student Ratings –

Rated 5 out of 5 by students

Final Words –

One last thing what i want to say is none of the Digital Marketing Institute can make you perfect in this field because it changes everyday. The only thing you can do is practice and you can keep yourself updated with recent changes and updates about Digital Marketing.

You can follow some popular blogs, bloggers, and YouTube Channels to keep yourself updated in Digital Marketing like-

  • Search Engine Land
  • Marketing Land
  • Hubspot Blog
  • Neil Patel
  • Kissmetrics Blog
  • MOZ
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Buffer Blog
  • Search Engine Roundtable
  • Social Times
  • Mashable
  • Copyblogger
  • Unbounce
  • Wordstream Blog
  • Inside AdWords Blog
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Backlinko

This post will be beneficial for you if you are seriously looking to join a good Digital Marketing Training Institute in Jaipur. I tried to include all the required information that a person wants in order to choose a Best Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur. If you have any question please ask in comments.

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Top Digital Marketing Agencies / Companies in Rajasthan

Top Digital Marketing companies in Rajasthan

Are you looking for the Top Digital Marketing Companies in the districts of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bhilwara, and Chittorgarh?

Here is the list I created after a small research on internet in Jan-2018.

As I observed Digital Marketing is still in its infant state in Rajasthan and so in these cities as well.

As per the results I got on the internet I am going to share the best list in my view.

My results are purely based on my own research and I am not promoting any company by writing this blog post.


Top Digital Marketing companies in Rajasthan


Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India. According to the research i have done about Digital Marketing in Rajasthan, it is the most qualified city in terms of Digital Marketing. Unlike any other city the awareness about Digital Marketing is also comparatively pretty high.

There are many small companies those are claiming to be a Digital Marketing Company but it doesn’t show in their work. However i searched on the Google and found these results.

  • Clarus Tech
  • Mercury Digital Marketing
  • Your DigiCare
  • CBetter
  • UIIM

Udaipur –

Udaipur is a very beautiful city and known as The Lake City of India. There are so many Web Development Companies established here and many of them claim to be the best Digital Marketing Companies in Udaipur.

But the truth is they are not even ranking at the first page for the normal keywords and they only boast about themselves. However I found few good companies and this list might help you if you are looking for all Top Digital Marketing Companies in Udaipur.

  • Prarthana Associates
  • Spineseo
  • 3iplanet
  • Seosenor
  • Muskowl


Jodhpur is the second metropolitan city of the Rajasthan and a very beautiful place as well. I can say there are plenty of Website Development Companies here but none of them is good at SEO and Digital Marketing.  People claim to serve you better but they will end up eating your money.  There are some directories and companies manipulating the search results by adding some pages in their websites and writing the content about “Digital Marketing Companies in Jodhpur”.

And this is the reason they are ranking at the first page for this keyword.

However I search and found 3 companies those are most relevant to your searches for “Digital Marketing Companies in Jodhpur”.

  • Dheer software solutions
  • Abcsteps
  • WsCube Tech


Kota is the beautiful city developed on the Chambal River and famous for coaching centers. In terms of Digital Marketing this city is still weak.

There are some Digital Marketing Training Institutes but there are no good Digital Marketing Companies. I found these companies on the first and second page when i searched for Digital Marketing Companies in Kota. After looking at the SEO status of their Websites i don’t think they are so good.

  • Indiviso Digital Marketing
  • Websoft Solutions
  • Next Digital Solutions


Bhilwara is the textile city and a peaceful place to live. In terms of SEO and Digital Marketing I do not see any good company here. Some third party outsiders are running at the first page of the Google for related keywords. Even the awareness about Digital Marketing in Bhilwara is also poor here. Somehow I found 2 companies doing SEO and having good presence in Bhilwara.

  • Tex Infotech
  • Start up India helpline



This city of Rajasthan is famous for dargah of Moinuddin Chishti. Like other cities in Rajasthan in this city also there are multiple companies into Web Development and Digital Marketing but unable to prove their presence on the Web.  I have found these few companies on the 1st and 2nd page of Google when i searched about Digital Marketing Companies in Ajmer.

  • Dexterwit
  • ASBA digital
  • Ajmer Web Designer
  • vervelogic


This city in Rajasthan is known for the Sariska National Park and Bhangarh Fort.  I searched for the Digital Marketing Companies in Alwar and most of the results i found were from those companies who are not located in Alwar but created the Web Pages for this city also. Somehow i could found these companies in search results those are established in Alwar and claim to do the Digital Marketing work.

  • White Gold Technologies
  • Analasoft
  • IMG Global Infotech



Bikaner is know for Junagarh fort and surrounded by desert. It is difficult to find out Digital Marketing Companies here but still companies those are located in Bikaner and doing this Digital Marketing work are following –

  • Rajputana Web Solution
  • Neologicx


Churu is The Gateway of the Thar desert in Rajasthan. The awareness about Digital Marketing here is poor but some people are claiming to do the Digital Marketing work. Apart of the companies those have optimized their Web Pages for this city i got some results and these companies are situated in Churu. Here are those 2 results that i found-

  • MG Digital Marketing
  • Arera Tech


This city of Rajasthan is known for a famous place called Abhaneri. Considering this as a small city in Rajasthan i can say that Digital Marketing is in the better state here. I found 1 Digital Marketing Company in top search results that i  haven’t  found even in some big cities. I searched for “Digital Marketing Companies in Dausa” .

  • Magic Infotech


This city is famous for its arts and culture. This is the single company you will  find when you search for Digital Marketing Companies in Sikar which is situated in this city.Other results are not relevant if you are searching for the companies in this city itself.

  • WebVidya

Chittorgarh, Banswara,Tonk, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bundi, Dholpur, Dungarpur, Hanumangarh,

Jaisalmer,Jalor, Jhalawar,Jhunjhunu,Karauli,Nagaur,Pali,Pratapgarh,Rajsamand, Sawai

Madhopur,Sirohi, Baran and Sri Ganganagar- 

After searching till 2 pages i have not found any Digital Marketing Company which is established in these cities and in operations.

However there are some companies those are manipulating the search results like :


These companies are having there web pages for almost every city of Rajasthan and these are not even established in the same city. If you search for Digital Marketing Companies in all the cities mentioned above then all these companies would appear at first page or even on the second page.Till now these companies are successful in their strategies to get more traffic and customers from these cities because there is no competitor for them in these cities.


It is the small list of Digital Marketing Companies what I found in these places. I feel that the scope of Digital Marketing is still huge in Rajasthan because of the low competition.

There are no companies at all and few companies those are claiming to be into Digital Marketing field are also giving poor quality services. I hope the scenario will change very soon and people will give quality results to their customers.

Thanks for reading this post.

I hope this list will help you out if you are looking for Digital Marketing Companies in these areas.


Some Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses

Small Businesses are always concern about their revenue and customers. If you own a small business and want to

Increase the revenue of your business,

Get more customers,

Build a brand through social media,

Spread brand awareness,

Then this article will definitely help you. I have included some popular strategies for customer acquisition, brand awareness, website traffic and lead generation in this article. Generally small businesses want to promote their products / services or to sell their products / services. As a Digital Marketing Consultant I have experience and i will discuss about both of them.

Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses



  1. Strategies to Promote your Products / Services

Promotion is among the major aspects of any business and any new business has to spend a significant amount of money in business promotions. Conventional methods of promotion are not that effective because of following reasons:-

  • High Cost- In conventional strategies of promotion you have to spend a lot for Banners and Print Materials.
  • Not Trackable- After spending a lot of money, results from the marketing are not trackable that what worked well for you.
  • Not Flexible- You can’t change your banners and pamphlets everyday even if you do so it will cost you huge amount of money
  • Not Certain- It is not fixed that hoarding or banner you are putting will certainly give you any benefit.


On the other hand Online Marketing gives you everything apart of face to face interaction. Cost is very low, It is 100% trackable, It is flexible you can change Images, Videos and Texts whenever you want and results are certain in form or likes, leads and followers.

In order to promote your Products / Services on Social Media we can do following activities:-

  • Tweet promotion or Post promotion for spreading the awareness about your Products / Services.
  • Running a Quiz on Social Media about any burning issue in your niche.
  • By promoting your Products / Services in any specific location.
  • You can open you own store o Social Media and promote it.
  • Sending the traffic to your Business Website and give them any freebie so that your potential customer can remember the name of your Product or Service.
  1. Strategies to sell your Products / Services


Selling a product /  on social media is a kind of direct response marketing where user makes up its mind immediately to buy.

Social Media is the place where your potential customers come for relaxing and they have a good amount of time when they see your Ads. The only thing you need to do is to grab their attention.

You can use attention grabbing Videos, Gifs and Images to tell important USPs (Unique Selling Points) about your Products / Services. For example Flipkart uses Children and Amazon uses 3D cartoons.


To sell Products or Services directly on Social Media we have multiple ways. You can run campaigns like:

  1. Website Click Campaign (Website Traffic Campaign): When you have your landing page ready you can drive traffic to your product page or subscription page directly and the cost for a click on Social Media is very less than Google AdWords.
  2. Promote your Facebook Shop and Catalogs.
  3. For getting subscribers for your Services run a Lead Generation Campaign. Once you have the data of your potential customers call them and convert them into your customers.
  4. LinkedIn provides you the facility to send text messages and emails direct in the inbox of users. As we all know LinkedIn is the best place for professionals so if you have any service of product for professionals you can directly approach them.


These are few ways with which you can promote and sell your Products / Services on Social Media. That is why Digital Marketing is useful for Startups and Small Businesses.



Thanks a lot for reading this.

Please share the article and spread your love if you like it.

Keep visiting to learn Digital marketing, I am gonna publish some Basic and Advanced technique of Digital Marketing further.



What is Sponsored (Promoted) Product on Amazon?

How to sell on Amazon

Do you want to become a Successful Amazon Seller?

Are you an Amazon Seller?

Do you want to sell more on Amazon?

Do you want to know how can you boost your sales on Amazon?

Read this article if you want to learn how to boost your Sales on Amazon and how to Sponsor your product listing on Amazon.


How to sell on Amazon


Before we go ahead I want to provide the answers of some basic questions of sellers who are new to Amazon Product Promotion.

  1. What is Sponsored Product?
  2. What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  3. How much does it cost and how do you pay for your ads?

After knowing the answers of all these questions every entrepreneur will have a basic understanding about Amazon Sponsored Products and then we will go ahead to learn how to promote the product listings on Amazon and boost Sales.


1.) What is Sponsored Product?

When you promote products on Amazon by paying some additional amount for per click, it is called Amazon Sponsored Products. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising facility available on Amazon.

You need to select products to advertise and identify the keywords for which you want your products to be appeared or Amazon has the automatic targeting facility also.

Your sponsored products will appear when people search for the keywords you have chosen at visible placements.

Foe example if you search for the keyword “blue shirt” then you can see such kind of sponsored products:-

how to sponsor products on amazon


2.) What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

It is a type of Internet Marketing when an advertiser pays for each click on his/her advertisements.

When we talk about Amazon Sponsored Products for each click on our sponsored products we need to pay a certain amount.

We can fix in our bid and average daily budget. We call it bid management.

how to sell on amazon- bid

3.) How much does it cost and how do you pay for your ads?

It is based on auction. The more competitor your bid is, more likely it is to be displayed. You need to set a maximum amount that you will wish to pay when a potential customer clicks on your ads.

By default during the invoice payment the advertising fee will be automatically deducted from your seller account. You also have the option to switch your payment method.

Overall it is not too much and genuine amount for advertising of your products like I pay this much for one of my client:-

amazon how do i pay

You can see that for how much spending we are getting how much 🙂

I think now we have the basic understanding of what we do when we sponsor any product on Amazon.

My step by step guide “How to sponsor (promote) products on Amazon? ” will definitely help you if you want to boost your sales on Amazon. This guide i will publish in my next article.

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How to Learn SEO in 2018? (Updated)

This article is helpful for you If !

  • You are a Businessman and trying to learn SEO
  • You are a Student and trying to learn SEO
  • You are a Knowledge seeker and trying to find out what is SEO


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process to optimize our Website or Web Pages in order to gain more visibility on Search Engines.

So if our Website or Web Pages are well optimized the chances of getting recognized by any of the Search Engines are higher. This process changes continuously and we should always be updated and follow best SEO Practices.

If your Website is optimized for Search Engines your chances of getting more traffic and getting higher ranking on Search Engines increase.

Parts of SEO

On Page SEO

In this we include all the techniques we perform on our Web Pages in order to get recognized by Search Engines so that we can rank higher on Search Engines for relevant user queries (Keywords).

Few On Page SEO Elements are –

  • Keywords
  • Titles
  • Headings
  • URLs
  • Image Alt Tags
  • User Engagement
  • Responsive Design
  • Internal Links
  • Outbond Links
  • Website Loading Time
  • Post Length


Off Page SEO

In this we include all the activities outside the website to make our Website or Web Page more visible to Search Engines so that we can rank higher on SERPs for our keywords.

Few Off Page SEO Techniques-

  • High-Quality Backlinks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media Shares
  • Forum Submissions
  • Link Less Mentions
  • Blog and Article Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Question and Answers
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Infographics Submissions
  • Documents submissions

Few things before i go ahead:-

  • Free and Paid, both kind of education is available on internet. It depends upon your ability to learn what method you choose.
  • It is all about practically doing it. Only reading some books will not help you.
  • Do not run. Understand the Basics first. SEO is steady, slow and painful process.

Here are the 5 steps I would suggest every beginner to follow in order to learn SEO?

Ask Google

You can learn almost everything in SEO if you have the right questions in your mind.

SEO is the process where we optimize the website for user queries (Keywords) so when a user searches for any keyword your Web Page comes up. We all know that Google is the largest Search Engine in the world.

First we need to learn how users search on Google and then we can move ahead in learning process.

For example:

If a user wants to know what are the best MBA Institutions in India. He / She will search queries like –

“Best MBA Colleges in India”

“Top MBA Institutions in India”




In the same if you want to learn SEO go and make use of Google and ask

“How to learn SEO?”

“What is SEO?”


And you will get several results start reading them and ask more questions and keep on doing it.

Google is your best teacher if you really want to learn SEO.

From “What is SEO?” to “Advance SEO” you can learn through Google. If you are a knowledge hungry person all you need is the answers of your all questions what you would probably ask to your trainer as well.

When you know how to use Google for yourself, You are completing the 1st step of your learning here because Search Engine Optimization is all about “How a user can think while searching for your services/products or similar ones”.

Acquire Basic Knowledge

A basic and robust knowledge is very necessary for beginners.


First learn


What are the Search Engines?

How do Search Engines work?

How do search Engine think when you search something?

What is crawling and what is Indexing?

What are Keywords?

What are titles?

What are Meta Descriptions?

What are H1 headings?

What are the Backlinks?

What are the types of SEO?

What are the parts of SEO?

What should you do while doing SEO?

What shouldn’t you do while doing SEO?

After knowing the answers of all questions asked above you will be having a strong and basic understanding of what is SEO.

How do i get the answers of all the questions asked above?

Oh No!

Are you still thinking how?


Amit Dadhich Acquire Basic Knowledge of SEOGo to Google and type the same you will get so many answers and update you knowledge.

One more thing, do not misguide yourself by acquiring short tricks.

Understand the fact that Google is regularly updating its algorithm and eventually it will find out that your work is not according to guidelines.

Build your basic knowledge, Learn about popular tools like


These are the easy tools you can start with and sufficient enough to give an idea about your work.

Start doing it

You can’t learn SEO without doing it.

Stop thinking to gain theoretical knowledge about SEO and start a blog to implement your learning.

How can I start a blog?

  1. Purchase a Domain
  2. Purchase a hosting
  3. Create a WordPress Blog


And this is done. You are all set.

Now you can implement all SEO strategies you are learning and this works as a hands on experience.

Amit Dadhich Start Doing SEOThis is the best way to learn and every person has to go through practical to have a real time experience of problems and solutions.

While doing SEO you will get the actual idea how Search Engines think and act on your published content.

You will learn where and what to do.

You will learn the basic uses of all the above mention tools.

That is why



Don’t wait ……!

Start doing it as soon as you gain basic knowledge.

Watch YouTube to solve your Problems

When you start learning SEO, after sometimes you will be getting some situations where you need to hold your head and say

Oh no!

You will say – That is something i did not learn while learning SEO.

You would have reactions similar to this while doing SEO because theory and practical both are different.

The best guide ever for beginners is the YouTube which provides you live screen for every real time problem you face in SEO.
Amit Dadhich Watch YouTube to learn Digital Marketing

The most effective learning is when, you






By watching YouTube you can do all three and become a master of the subject.

There are several YouTube channels helping you out in learning SEO but here is the list of some YouTube Video Channels to help you learn SEO-

Google Webmasters

Neil Patel

Brian Dean

Chase Reiner SEO

Learn through free Digital Marketing guides and Blogs available on internet.

Experience is the best teacher ever, Right ?
Why don’t we take advantage of other’s Experience?
Amit Dadhich Learn Through BloggingThere are  people who are already very experienced and skilled. They are spreading their knowledge by writing blogs. Be a regular reader of these blogs and get some insights of real time experience what they share on their blogs. 
Some of my favorite blogs that i used to read while learning are following:-
Some personal blogs to follow for beginners:-

There are many more blogs but these are some that i used to read when i started.


In this post i tried to tell you that how you can learn SEO without going to any SEO School or Academy. I know a person who is eager to learn will definitely try.

These are the processes which will automatically start pumping knowledge into you. Even professionals also use YouTube and Google to solve the real time problems.

Self learning is the best way to learn SEO ever. As you grow older in the industry you will learn through the experience and your knowledge will become more robust.

Different people have different mindsets and different thought processes. Some of the people may agree with these techniques and some of them may not be.

But I completed my work and I’ll be happy if this blog post can help somebody.

Thanks for reading the blog.




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What is Search Engine Crawling and Indexing ?

As a Digital Marketing Consultant i have seen many people struggling with this question even after spending a significant amount of time in the industry.
Well we all are going to get the answer.

If you are a blogger or a Digital Marketer you might have heard these words Crawling and Indexing.
If you are a beginner then better you read it carefully.
This is the first thing you should understand in order to learn SEO. It will give you a clear Picture of how Search Engines work.
Crawling and Indexing Digital Marketing Consultant Amit Dadhich

What is Crawling?

Google’s Spider/Crawlers (A kind of Software Google uses like Googlebot ) visit web pages to find the information. These crawlers will crawl all webpages and follow links on those pages. They go to each follow link like we do in order to gather the information and they bring data to Google’s server about those webpages.
Crawling begins with the past crawls and the sitemap given by web masters or website owners in the past. That is why we need to submit the site maps.
These Google Crawlers pay more attention to new sites, new web pages, changes in existing sites, follow links and dead links.
However we can stop crawlers from crawling some web content and pages by modifying Robots.txt file.

What is Indexing?

When we say Google Indexing, it means that Google Organizes Information what it has gathered from crawling the web pages. Depending upon Meta Tags, Titles, Keywords, Index and no-index status in Robots.txt file Google adds webpages into search results. Goolge index includes information about words and their locations. When you search something Google fetches information from this organized library.

It is the Basic information you should have while start learning SEO or Digital Marketing to get an idea how should you think while learning or adding meta tags to any website.
The advanced knowledge about Google Crawling and Indexing and Robots.txt file will be shared in one of my upcoming blogs.
My next blog post will be How to Learn SEO in 2017?
It will be a post guiding you about best practices in order to learn white hat seo in 2017.

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