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Top Digital Marketing Agencies / Companies in Rajasthan

Top Digital Marketing companies in Rajasthan

Are you looking for the Top Digital Marketing Companies in the districts of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bhilwara, and Chittorgarh?

Here is the list I created after a small research on internet in Jan-2018.

As I observed Digital Marketing is still in its infant state in Rajasthan and so in these cities as well.

As per the results I got on the internet I am going to share the best list in my view.

My results are purely based on my own research and I am not promoting any company by writing this blog post.


Top Digital Marketing companies in Rajasthan


Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India. According to the research i have done about Digital Marketing in Rajasthan, it is the most qualified city in terms of Digital Marketing. Unlike any other city the awareness about Digital Marketing is also comparatively pretty high.

There are many small companies those are claiming to be a Digital Marketing Company but it doesn’t show in their work. However i searched on the Google and found these results.

  • Clarus Tech
  • Mercury Digital Marketing
  • Your DigiCare
  • CBetter
  • UIIM

Udaipur –

Udaipur is a very beautiful city and known as The Lake City of India. There are so many Web Development Companies established here and many of them claim to be the best Digital Marketing Companies in Udaipur.

But the truth is they are not even ranking at the first page for the normal keywords and they only boast about themselves. However I found few good companies and this list might help you if you are looking for all Top Digital Marketing Companies in Udaipur.

  • Prarthana Associates
  • Spineseo
  • 3iplanet
  • Seosenor
  • Muskowl


Jodhpur is the second metropolitan city of the Rajasthan and a very beautiful place as well. I can say there are plenty of Website Development Companies here but none of them is good at SEO and Digital Marketing.  People claim to serve you better but they will end up eating your money.  There are some directories and companies manipulating the search results by adding some pages in their websites and writing the content about “Digital Marketing Companies in Jodhpur”.

And this is the reason they are ranking at the first page for this keyword.

However I search and found 3 companies those are most relevant to your searches for “Digital Marketing Companies in Jodhpur”.

  • Dheer software solutions
  • Abcsteps
  • WsCube Tech


Kota is the beautiful city developed on the Chambal River and famous for coaching centers. In terms of Digital Marketing this city is still weak.

There are some Digital Marketing Training Institutes but there are no good Digital Marketing Companies. I found these companies on the first and second page when i searched for Digital Marketing Companies in Kota. After looking at the SEO status of their Websites i don’t think they are so good.

  • Indiviso Digital Marketing
  • Websoft Solutions
  • Next Digital Solutions


Bhilwara is the textile city and a peaceful place to live. In terms of SEO and Digital Marketing I do not see any good company here. Some third party outsiders are running at the first page of the Google for related keywords. Even the awareness about Digital Marketing in Bhilwara is also poor here. Somehow I found 2 companies doing SEO and having good presence in Bhilwara.

  • Tex Infotech
  • Start up India helpline



This city of Rajasthan is famous for dargah of Moinuddin Chishti. Like other cities in Rajasthan in this city also there are multiple companies into Web Development and Digital Marketing but unable to prove their presence on the Web.  I have found these few companies on the 1st and 2nd page of Google when i searched about Digital Marketing Companies in Ajmer.

  • Dexterwit
  • ASBA digital
  • Ajmer Web Designer
  • vervelogic


This city in Rajasthan is known for the Sariska National Park and Bhangarh Fort.  I searched for the Digital Marketing Companies in Alwar and most of the results i found were from those companies who are not located in Alwar but created the Web Pages for this city also. Somehow i could found these companies in search results those are established in Alwar and claim to do the Digital Marketing work.

  • White Gold Technologies
  • Analasoft
  • IMG Global Infotech



Bikaner is know for Junagarh fort and surrounded by desert. It is difficult to find out Digital Marketing Companies here but still companies those are located in Bikaner and doing this Digital Marketing work are following –

  • Rajputana Web Solution
  • Neologicx


Churu is The Gateway of the Thar desert in Rajasthan. The awareness about Digital Marketing here is poor but some people are claiming to do the Digital Marketing work. Apart of the companies those have optimized their Web Pages for this city i got some results and these companies are situated in Churu. Here are those 2 results that i found-

  • MG Digital Marketing
  • Arera Tech


This city of Rajasthan is known for a famous place called Abhaneri. Considering this as a small city in Rajasthan i can say that Digital Marketing is in the better state here. I found 1 Digital Marketing Company in top search results that i  haven’t  found even in some big cities. I searched for “Digital Marketing Companies in Dausa” .

  • Magic Infotech


This city is famous for its arts and culture. This is the single company you will  find when you search for Digital Marketing Companies in Sikar which is situated in this city.Other results are not relevant if you are searching for the companies in this city itself.

  • WebVidya

Chittorgarh, Banswara,Tonk, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bundi, Dholpur, Dungarpur, Hanumangarh,

Jaisalmer,Jalor, Jhalawar,Jhunjhunu,Karauli,Nagaur,Pali,Pratapgarh,Rajsamand, Sawai

Madhopur,Sirohi, Baran and Sri Ganganagar- 

After searching till 2 pages i have not found any Digital Marketing Company which is established in these cities and in operations.

However there are some companies those are manipulating the search results like :


These companies are having there web pages for almost every city of Rajasthan and these are not even established in the same city. If you search for Digital Marketing Companies in all the cities mentioned above then all these companies would appear at first page or even on the second page.Till now these companies are successful in their strategies to get more traffic and customers from these cities because there is no competitor for them in these cities.


It is the small list of Digital Marketing Companies what I found in these places. I feel that the scope of Digital Marketing is still huge in Rajasthan because of the low competition.

There are no companies at all and few companies those are claiming to be into Digital Marketing field are also giving poor quality services. I hope the scenario will change very soon and people will give quality results to their customers.

Thanks for reading this post.

I hope this list will help you out if you are looking for Digital Marketing Companies in these areas.


Some Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses

Small Businesses are always concern about their revenue and customers. If you own a small business and want to

Increase the revenue of your business,

Get more customers,

Build a brand through social media,

Spread brand awareness,

Then this article will definitely help you. I have included some popular strategies for customer acquisition, brand awareness, website traffic and lead generation in this article. Generally small businesses want to promote their products / services or to sell their products / services. As a Digital Marketing Consultant I have experience and i will discuss about both of them.

Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses



  1. Strategies to Promote your Products / Services

Promotion is among the major aspects of any business and any new business has to spend a significant amount of money in business promotions. Conventional methods of promotion are not that effective because of following reasons:-

  • High Cost- In conventional strategies of promotion you have to spend a lot for Banners and Print Materials.
  • Not Trackable- After spending a lot of money, results from the marketing are not trackable that what worked well for you.
  • Not Flexible- You can’t change your banners and pamphlets everyday even if you do so it will cost you huge amount of money
  • Not Certain- It is not fixed that hoarding or banner you are putting will certainly give you any benefit.


On the other hand Online Marketing gives you everything apart of face to face interaction. Cost is very low, It is 100% trackable, It is flexible you can change Images, Videos and Texts whenever you want and results are certain in form or likes, leads and followers.

In order to promote your Products / Services on Social Media we can do following activities:-

  • Tweet promotion or Post promotion for spreading the awareness about your Products / Services.
  • Running a Quiz on Social Media about any burning issue in your niche.
  • By promoting your Products / Services in any specific location.
  • You can open you own store o Social Media and promote it.
  • Sending the traffic to your Business Website and give them any freebie so that your potential customer can remember the name of your Product or Service.
  1. Strategies to sell your Products / Services


Selling a product /  on social media is a kind of direct response marketing where user makes up its mind immediately to buy.

Social Media is the place where your potential customers come for relaxing and they have a good amount of time when they see your Ads. The only thing you need to do is to grab their attention.

You can use attention grabbing Videos, Gifs and Images to tell important USPs (Unique Selling Points) about your Products / Services. For example Flipkart uses Children and Amazon uses 3D cartoons.


To sell Products or Services directly on Social Media we have multiple ways. You can run campaigns like:

  1. Website Click Campaign (Website Traffic Campaign): When you have your landing page ready you can drive traffic to your product page or subscription page directly and the cost for a click on Social Media is very less than Google AdWords.
  2. Promote your Facebook Shop and Catalogs.
  3. For getting subscribers for your Services run a Lead Generation Campaign. Once you have the data of your potential customers call them and convert them into your customers.
  4. LinkedIn provides you the facility to send text messages and emails direct in the inbox of users. As we all know LinkedIn is the best place for professionals so if you have any service of product for professionals you can directly approach them.


These are few ways with which you can promote and sell your Products / Services on Social Media. That is why Digital Marketing is useful for Startups and Small Businesses.



Thanks a lot for reading this.

Please share the article and spread your love if you like it.

Keep visiting to learn Digital marketing, I am gonna publish some Basic and Advanced technique of Digital Marketing further.