My Books

Following are My Upcoming Digital Marketing Books

1.) Free SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Fundamental s Course

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Fundamentals for Beginners

This book is for people who have started learning SEO or Planning to learn. This book contains points like:

  • What is SEO?
  • Common SEO Techniques
  • How do search engines work?
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Google’s Algorithm Updates
  • Understanding Search Engines

And many more topics like that. Enjoy the book and all the best for future.

2.) Basic Digital Marketing knowledge for Entrepreneurs

Are you an Entrepreneur/Business Owner?

Do you want to know how SEO impacts your Website’s performance and your Business?

Do you want to know how can you use Social Media for generating more Business?

If the answer is yes then definitely this Book is for you.

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Basic Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs Amit Dadhich


All Entrepreneurs and Business Owners must know the Basic Digital Marketing and how it is useful for their Business. When all world is becoming Digital we should know the importance of our Digital Presence and the power of Digital Marketing because more than 4 Billion People are now using Internet and we can’t ignore the potential of the Online Market.

3.) 30 Tricks to Grow your Business on Social Media

This special Book is containing all my tried and tested tricks on Social Media. As a Digital Marketing Consultant i always prefer spending on Social Media Marketing because it gives us multiple results at single time.

What are the Best Practices in Social Media Marketing?

How to generate Leads for your Business through Social Media?

How to run a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign?

I have shared around 30 tricks in this book those will defiantly work for your Business.

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Grow your Business on Social Media

If you are Business owner then you will definitely want to know how can you grow your Business on Social Media. This Book will give you a better idea of generating Leads Online, getting more Followers for your Brand, getting more Referral Business from your existing Clients, and generating more Traffic to your Website through Social Media Marketing.