Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses

Some Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small Businesses are always concern about their revenue and customers. If you own a small business and want to

Increase the revenue of your business,

Get more customers,

Build a brand through social media,

Spread brand awareness,

Then this article will definitely help you. I have included some popular strategies for customer acquisition, brand awareness, website traffic and lead generation in this article. Generally small businesses want to promote their products / services or to sell their products / services. As a Digital Marketing Consultant I have experience and i will discuss about both of them.

Amit Dadhich-social-media-marketing-strategy-for-small-businesses



  1. Strategies to Promote your Products / Services

Promotion is among the major aspects of any business and any new business has to spend a significant amount of money in business promotions. Conventional methods of promotion are not that effective because of following reasons:-

  • High Cost- In conventional strategies of promotion you have to spend a lot for Banners and Print Materials.
  • Not Trackable- After spending a lot of money, results from the marketing are not trackable that what worked well for you.
  • Not Flexible- You can’t change your banners and pamphlets everyday even if you do so it will cost you huge amount of money
  • Not Certain- It is not fixed that hoarding or banner you are putting will certainly give you any benefit.


On the other hand Online Marketing gives you everything apart of face to face interaction. Cost is very low, It is 100% trackable, It is flexible you can change Images, Videos and Texts whenever you want and results are certain in form or likes, leads and followers.

In order to promote your Products / Services on Social Media we can do following activities:-

  • Tweet promotion or Post promotion for spreading the awareness about your Products / Services.
  • Running a Quiz on Social Media about any burning issue in your niche.
  • By promoting your Products / Services in any specific location.
  • You can open you own store o Social Media and promote it.
  • Sending the traffic to your Business Website and give them any freebie so that your potential customer can remember the name of your Product or Service.
  1. Strategies to sell your Products / Services


Selling a product /  on social media is a kind of direct response marketing where user makes up its mind immediately to buy.

Social Media is the place where your potential customers come for relaxing and they have a good amount of time when they see your Ads. The only thing you need to do is to grab their attention.

You can use attention grabbing Videos, Gifs and Images to tell important USPs (Unique Selling Points) about your Products / Services. For example Flipkart uses Children and Amazon uses 3D cartoons.


To sell Products or Services directly on Social Media we have multiple ways. You can run campaigns like:

  1. Website Click Campaign (Website Traffic Campaign): When you have your landing page ready you can drive traffic to your product page or subscription page directly and the cost for a click on Social Media is very less than Google AdWords.
  2. Promote your Facebook Shop and Catalogs.
  3. For getting subscribers for your Services run a Lead Generation Campaign. Once you have the data of your potential customers call them and convert them into your customers.
  4. LinkedIn provides you the facility to send text messages and emails direct in the inbox of users. As we all know LinkedIn is the best place for professionals so if you have any service of product for professionals you can directly approach them.


These are few ways with which you can promote and sell your Products / Services on Social Media. That is why Digital Marketing is useful for Startups and Small Businesses.



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